Illustration provides a lens to the natural world around us.

Sit Set Goods' home base is in the Pacific Northwest. We are inspired everyday by the lush flora & fauna surrounding us. We can't wait to explore different climate zones and document more wildlife in various regions in the world.


Alphabet Animals

At the end of 2016, as I was planning to launch Sit Set Goods and getting all the printing and packaging ready, I decided 2017 was also going to be a year that I complete a side project. I came up with alphabet animals because my sister and a lot of friends around me were having kids, and I wanted to give them something meaningful, even after they grow up. What better idea than an illustration book?

So I will be releasing a new letter every 2 weeks. I will pick out a wildlife that lives on land for each letter.  There won't be domestic animals, aquatic animals, or plants. I will cover those in other projects in the future.

I hope you follow along and enjoy this process.


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